Blockchain/DLT System Integration

If you are looking to integrate blockchain into aspects of your business processes to increase transparency, security, and redundancy, Trovotech will walk this journey with you to a productive end. While many blockchains/DLTs currently struggle with throughput and latency, our de facto blockchain (Bantu Blockchain) handles 15,000 transactions per second and is capable of handling your enterprise needs.

Blockchain/DLT System Consulting

We provide Blockchain/DLT advisory services to help you analyze how your business can be impacted by shelf-ready or bespoke blockchain solutions. We tell you if you are better off using traditional databases or if blockchain adds any better value to your business process efficiency or bottom line. Based on your business requirements, we can advise on what platforms best meet your needs. We can also help you draw a deployment plan for whatever solutions your business has decided to implement.

Blockchain/DLT System Support

We can assess, analyze and optimize your current blockchain/DLT integrations to help increase business efficiency, or make the integrations fitter for purpose.

Program/Project Management

We have seasoned project management professionals who can help you deploy your business enhancement technology projects in an exceptional fashion. The Trovotech team consists of a world-class team that has deployed projects at Fortune 500 companies and has actually built a global blockchain infrastructure that is fast gaining adoption across the globe.

Resource Planning and Management

We also excel at helping businesses allocate tasks to team members based on their capacity, skill sets, and fitness for the job tasks. This ultimately maximizes efficiency by helping these business teams manage their utilization rates, track capacity, monitor progress, and keep projects on budget and work on track.

Digital Assets Service

We design, develop and deploy the following components of the digital assets ecosystem that leverage distributed ledger technologies, either as solo products or as part of an integrated ecosystem:
  • Digital Asset Exchanges

    Digital asset exchanges are direct-to-customer platforms and typically operate without the need for intermediaries to place orders on behalf of their users or hold users’ assets in custody. Trovotech can design, build and deploy digital asset exchanges for third-party clients who want to run their exchange businesses independently. The exchanges can be centralized, decentralized, or peer-to-peer.

  • Digital Asset Issuance support

    Digital assets have a vital role to play in the blockchain space, and a lot of projects or parties will begin to issue these digital assets on the Bantu Blockchain. Some parties who wish to issue digital assets would need support to issue their digital asset on the blockchain. Trovotech offers the necessary support required to issue any digital asset on the Bantu Blockchain.

  • Digital Asset Offering Platform

    For projects that want to offer digital assets to the public either for the purpose of raising capital or just for public distribution, a well-structured platform is required for the offering of the digital asset. Trovotech provides the required technical know-how for creating digital asset offering platforms.

  • Digital Asset Custody platform

    Digital asset custody will become a key aspect of blockchain ecosystems, as users and entities begin to require more secure and guaranteed ways of storing their assets, especially when they do not want to assume the risk of losing their secret keys (a string of hexadecimal characters that give access to a blockchain wallet). A custodian comes to the rescue as these custodians have specialized systems for the safekeeping of clients' digital assets. Trovotech will support digital asset custodians in setting up their digital asset custody platforms, which will enable anyone to sign up for their digital asset custody services.

  • Digital Asset Wallets

    Digital asset wallets are applications that enable users to interact with the blockchain in a user-friendly way. Through digital asset wallets, users securely store, receive, and send their digital assets via an application interface e.g on a mobile app, or a web browser.. These wallets can be centralized wallets, where the users do not have access to the secret/private key, or self-custody/non-custodial wallets, where the user is in full control of their digital assets by being the sole custodians of the secret/private keys. Trovotech has developed a robust but easy-to-use, non-custodial wallet called the Trovo App. This wallet caters to both individual and enterprise functionalities. It is initially built for the Bantu Blockchain Network, but will eventually support other Blockchains since Trovotech is Blockchain agnostic. Trovotech prides itself on the ability to support any entity in building a digital asset wallet within record time.

  • Asset Tokenization platforms

    Asset tokenization is a new concept where digital or physical assets are represented on the blockchain by creating digital tokens for them. This creation of digital tokens on the blockchain makes it possible to fractionalize ownership of these underlying assets (property, jewelry, fine art, stock, digital creatives, agricultural produce, natural resources, etc). Such that the acquisition of these digital tokens by anyone guarantees his/her immutable ownership of the underlying asset. Everything of value can be tokenized. This concept, made possible by blockchain technology, allows people to own fractional bits of an asset as they might not have the capacity to own the bulk. Trovotech builds asset tokenization platforms for businesses and clients. Do you want to tokenize your assets, Trovotech is your sure solution provider.

  • White Label Solutions

    Trovotech supports the white-labeling of certain products that we have already developed, this makes it possible for clients to have a faster go-to-market time.

  • Other digital asset technical services.

    Trovotech supports clients with any kind of technical services they come with, our team of business analysts, product designers and engineers will engage with you to understand what your needs are and come up with the best solution that meets your requirements.