Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Trovo App

What is Trovo App?

Trovo App is a non-custodial wallet like no other, a multipurpose, multi-asset, multi-access, wallet built by Trovotech to address practical problems faced by existing blockchain wallet users, Trovo App will also enhance the use cases of the Bantu Blockchain and other Blockchain networks that will be supported in the future. Trovo App is used as a two-factor authenticator 2FA for logging in to other Trovo platforms like the TrovoP2P.

What are the main features of Trovo App?

  • Users will be able to recover their wallets even when they lose their secret keys.
  • Users will be able to have multiple wallets.
  • Users will be able to transact (send, receive, swap, market trade) with multiple assets like XBN, TROV, cNGN, USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, etc.
  • Wallets can be shared with others to either View and receive payments, Initiate transactions, or Approve transactions.
  • Businesses and corporate entities can use the Blockchain wallet while maintaining their corporate approval process thereby eliminating the risk of one person solely moving the funds of the organization.
  • Store owners and merchants can use Blockchain wallets to receive payments safely and shoppers can easily scan and pay in seconds.
  • Real assets can be tokenized and exposed to a global market, allowing for more accessibility and bringing liquidity to illiquid assets.
  • Voting can be conducted.
  • Users can support us in promoting our products and earn passive income for life through commissions as long as they are willing to put in the work.
CCan I import an existing wallet on another Bantu wallet?


Why do I need to have a sub-wallet?

Sub wallets are additional wallets users can create under an account on the Trovo App, the default wallet on an account is the primary wallet.

Sub-wallets will allow users to carry out transactions on one instance of the Trovo App instead of creating various accounts each time a user wants to use a different wallet.

What is a Standard Sub Wallet?

As the name goes are just standard wallets that can be used to custody assets, used for normal transactions, and can be shared with others, to either view and receive payments, initiate transactions, or approve transactions.

With the standard sub-wallet, businesses can receive payments securely by giving View access to various payment points and the tellers can use it to receive payments, without having the ability to send payments from it.

All the stakeholders will also be able to access the wallet to view the balance and transaction history, while the authorized parties will be the ones allowed to initiate and approve transactions from the wallets.

What is a Minting/Asset Tokenization Sub Wallet?

These are specifically used for issuing/minting new tokens on the Bantu Blockchain. These tokens can be ordinary tokens or asset-backed tokens.

One of the features coming on the Trovo App is Asset tokenization - which is the process of representing physical and intangible assets on the Blockchain as digital tokens. These wallets will be required for performing such asset token issuance/minting.

What is a Market Making/Trade Sub Wallet?

This is the wallet a user can use for making market or for carrying out market trade on the Bantu Decentralized Exchange.

We are going to have an interface to perform market trade on the Bantu DEX so that users can seamlessly carry out trades on the Bantu DEX directly from the Trovo App.

Only one Market Making/Trade wallet can be created on an account.

What is a Bulk Payment Sub Wallet?

This wallet will be used by asset tokenizers to carry out periodic proceed payout. These payouts will go to all asset token holders that are qualified to receive proceeds from the underlying asset. The asset custodian/manager will use this wallet to make the periodic proceed payout to these qualifying holders. this is similar to how dividends are paid out periodically in the stock market.

Can I send a transaction to another Bantu wallet using the username?


Can I upgrade from a gold patron to a diamond patron?


What is shared access and how does it work?

Shared access is a feature of Trovo App that enables a user to give other users various access rights to their wallets.